The design of this home takes advantage of its unique battle-axe property, offering commanding views overlooking the Georges River onto Neverfail Bay. With the land’s natural topography sloping towards the rear, the home spans multiple levels, seamlessly integrating with the landscape to maximize both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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Upon entering the home, steps lead down to the lower level while open riser stairs gracefully ascend to the two upper levels: one at the rear and one at the front. Throughout all levels, breathtaking views of the Georges River captivate the eye, welcoming residents and guests with the serene beauty of the waterfront. This design not only maximizes the visual connection to the surroundings but also enhances the sense of spaciousness and openness within the home, creating an inviting atmosphere that seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape.

The lower level of the home boasts an impressive kitchen, dining, and living area, all thoughtfully designed to maximize enjoyment of the unobstructed views of the Georges River. This open-concept space invites gatherings and culinary adventures while providing a seamless connection to the breathtaking waterfront scenery. Whether cooking, dining, or simply relaxing, residents can savor the tranquil beauty of the river from every corner of this inviting and harmonious living space.

The master bedroom, complete with a private sitting room, offers an unparalleled vantage point to behold the majestic views of the Georges River. Positioned to capture the essence of waterfront living, this sanctuary provides an intimate retreat where residents can immerse themselves in the serene beauty of the surroundings. Whether relaxing in solitude or enjoying moments of contemplation, the master suite presents an elevated experience, elevating the concept of luxury living to new heights with its breathtaking vistas.

At the rear of the home, expansive glass panels and bi-fold doors create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors, leading out to a spacious balcony and elevated al-fresco area. This design choice not only floods the interior with natural light but also allows residents to fully immerse themselves in the surrounding beauty of the Georges River and Neverfail Bay. Whether enjoying a quiet morning coffee or hosting gatherings with friends and family, this inviting outdoor space offers the perfect setting to savor the picturesque views and embrace the tranquility of waterfront living.

Ground floor plan

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