Tennyson Point

Indulge in the epitome of luxury living with this remarkable home, which claims the prestigious title of being the final property before the tranquil waters of the Parramatta River. Rising majestically over two levels from the street, this residence also boasts a fully equipped basement that adds depth and functionality to the living space. As you approach from the waterfront, the grandeur unfolds with four levels gracefully cascading down, accompanied by an immense level situated below the basement, providing an extraordinary sense of space and grandeur. Enhancing both convenience and elegance, a sleek glass lift seamlessly traverses all four levels, ensuring effortless access and adding a touch of contemporary sophistication to the architectural design.

Modern design. Home design

Early stages of construction, where scaffolding envelops the two-storey section. The exterior walls, meticulously crafted with precision, showcase the artistry of pre-cast concrete panels, seamlessly melding strength and aesthetics. Complementing this structural masterpiece, ALPOLIC metal cladding adds a touch of modern sophistication, transforming the facade into a captivating work of art.

A blade wall stands as a remarkable centerpiece, elegantly dividing the two distinct zones. Meticulously crafted, this wall was cast in situ, poured in two stages to achieve its flawless form. The construction process unfolded as the formwork was built upon the concrete deck area, then seamlessly lifted into place by a crane to facilitate the precise pours.

Noteworthy attention to detail extends to the windows, where a touch of contemporary refinement is showcased through the presence of aluminum shroud surrounds. Crafted from robust 6mm thick material, these surrounds exude a sleek aesthetic, enhancing both the visual appeal and durability of the windows.

You enter this remarkable home through a striking double-height glass wall at the main entrance. The transparency of the glass invites an abundance of natural light, creating a luminous and inviting atmosphere within. Drawing immediate attention, a sculptural spiral concrete staircase becomes the focal point, seamlessly merging form and function in a visually stunning display.

Adding warmth and texture to the design, the balcony soffits are adorned with timber slats that extend from the exterior, seamlessly merging the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces. This thoughtful design choice creates a sense of continuity, blurring the line between nature and architecture. The timber slats not only enhance the visual appeal of the balcony but also provide a cozy and inviting ambiance.

After three years of construction, this project is nearing its completion. The distinctive Alpolic material used in the exterior design seamlessly transitions into the interior, forging a visual continuity that unifies the spaces. The box sections will soon be enclosed with a combination of vertical and horizontal slats, forming an elegant box section that cantilevers gracefully towards the street, harmonizing aesthetics with structural ingenuity.

From the balcony, a captivating panorama unfolds, offering sweeping views of the picturesque Parramatta River. This vantage point provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the tranquil beauty of the surroundings, fostering a deep sense of connection with nature.

As the finishing touches are applied to this extraordinary project, the amalgamation of architectural elements, quality materials, and breathtaking views culminate in a harmonious blend of design and functionality.

3D renders were completed of internal area, this showcasing the internal spiral staircase leading to the top floor.

This 3d render shows the flow between areas and materials used.

3D artist impression of the completed home, showcasing the exquisite design with vertical slats beautifully enclosing the box section. The vertical slats create a striking visual element, adding depth and texture to the exterior facade. As you envision the scene, the box section appears to seamlessly integrate with the overall structure, displaying a sense of architectural harmony.  This artistic representation encapsulates the envisioned finished hometo aid in envisioning the design elements.