Project Finished

After collaborating closely with a wonderful client who brought a clear and inspiring vision, our design team is excited to unveil the finished masterpiece. We’re proud to present a space that not only reflects our client’s dreams but also showcases our commitment to excellence and innovative design.

Construction has started

Construction is progressing smoothly, and we’re beginning to see the shape of the final project emerge. Stay tuned as we move closer to revealing the completed work!

Design is underway

We have begun working through with our client the porposed ground floor alterations and first floor layouts.

Initial consultation has taken place.

Initial Client contact with project in Ermington

We are thrilled to share the beginning stages of our latest enhancement in Ermington. This project features a substantial expansion that includes a first-floor addition and a ground-floor extension. The first floor will boast three new bedrooms, a bathroom, and an ensuite, creating a private and luxurious upper level. On the ground floor, the expansion plans include a spacious new living area, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a garage, designed to enhance functionality and style. Stay tuned for updates as we transform this space into a modern family haven.